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Set Decorator
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Set Decorator: Killing Eve, Series 3 (BBC America)
Credit #2
Set Decorator:The End of the F**king world, Series 1 (Netflix)
Credit #3
Set Decorator : A Confession (ITV)
Credit #4
Set Decorator :Turn up Charlie (Netflix)
Credit #5
Set Decorator : Flowers (Channel 4)
Other Credits
Set Decorator: Toast of London ( Channel 4)
Set Decorator: Mad to be normal (Feature film)
Set Decorator( UK) : Rustom (feature film)
Production Designer : The Last Sparks of Sundown ( Feature film)
Production Designer / Art Director on various adverts for brands including 'Jaguar','Google', 'Nikon', 'Rayban' and 'Baileys', as well as many tabletop campaigns.
Primetime Emmy Nominee 2020 - Outstanding Production Design for a Narrative Contemporary Program ( One hour or more) Killing Eve - Are you from Pinner? (2020)