Bruce Hill

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(PD) - Production Designer
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Credit #1
Numerous Sky, Dyson, Vax, BT, Virgin Media and Sainsbury's Commercials
Credit #2
Numerous well known BBC Idents and promotions.
Credit #3
Numerous well known Red Bee Media Idents and promotions.
Credit #4
Love Potion No 9 (FF)
Credit #5
'Bus Life' Disney TV Series
Other Credits
Top Dog (SF)
It Can Be Done (SF)
BUS LIFE (Disney TV Series)
Vectra File (Corporate F)
Initially worked (uncredited) as Scenic Artist assistant and model making on the following Feature Films:
Alien 1
Time Bandits
The Wall
Awards: MTV award for ‘Billy Jean’ and other well known pop videos.
Creative Circle Gold for ‘Malibu’ TV commercial
Golden Break Award for ‘BMW’ Tv Commercial
AMI awards for ‘Vauxhall’ Promotional films.
D and AD award for ‘Sadam’ BBC promotions.