Our membership covers a diverse range of skills and experience.
Spanning project budgets for International, Independent and micro budget productions.
Feature films, Shorts, Pilots, Promos,  Commercials, Television Film, Series and Light Entertainment.

Aisha Kirkby

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Selected film:
Art Director | feature | 'Reaching Distance' 2017

Production/Costume Designer | short | 'Emmanuel' 2017

Art Director | short | 'Wonder Inc.' 2016

Production Designer | short| 'Peach' 2016

Production/Costume Designer | short | 'The Last Babushka Doll' 2016

Stylist | '#FantaPantsAU' | online | Coca Cola Company 2018

Art Director | Prop Maker | 'Uncle Tobys: Join the Outsiders' | online | Uncle Tobys 2017

Production/Costume Designer | 'Coke Moments' | online | Coca Cola Company 2017

Production Designer | 'Sprite Spicy Challenge' | online | Coca Cola Company 2017

Art Dept. Assistant | 'You Know' | online | Carefree 2017

Music Videos:
Production Designer | 'Never Gonna Beg For It' - Nick De La Hoyde | Universal Music Group 2016

Production Designer | 'Someone for Everyone' - Jaimie Lawson | Universal Music Group 2016

TV Pilots:
Production Designer: 'The Gym' 2018

Production/Costume Designer: 'Totenpass' 2018
Official Selection Cannes Court Metrage 2018

Official Selection Sydney World Film Festival 2016

Official Selection Whatashort Independent International Film Festival 2017

Official Selection St .Kilda Film Festival 2018

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