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Credit #1
"The Reckoning" feature - Art Director
Credit #2
"47 Meters Down; Uncaged" - feature for theatrical release - Art Director
Credit #3
"Torvill and Dean" - feature for TV Christmas Day 2018 - Art Director
Credit #4
Victoria Series I, II and Christmas Special 2017 for ITV - Art Director
Credit #5
Before I Go to Sleep 2013, - feature for theatrical release - Art Director - re-shoots
Other Credits
Pulp 2011 AD
Doctors (BBC TV Series) (3 Episodes) AD Whisky Galore 2016 Set Design
Broadchurch 2015 Set Design
Outlander 2014 Set Design
British Film Designers Guild
"Certificate of Excellence, Best Production Design, British TV Drama" (Including mini series.) For "Victoria" series I, on 28 January 2017